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Do you have an idea for a hackathon project that you want to share with other attendees? Create a new thread here in the Discussions section to help explain in detail.

Here are some instructions to get started:
1. Create a profile on DevPost > doesn't need to be too detailed
2. To subscribe specifically to the beyondAEC project page, go to Home & click Register
(this has no actual tie to registering on the beyondAEC/Sparxo site, sorry for any confusion)
3. Under the Participants page, make sure you are listed and write a blurb about your interests and skills
4. See the thread: "SAMPLE IDEA - Parametric Workflow for Feasibility Studies (Process Improvement)" for an example of formatting which addresses 5 components to help explain your idea

TITLE: idea title + (project type)

- process optimization
- process automation
- data analytics
- data visualization
- energy analysis
- environmental analysis
- improved team communication
- collaboration between companies/disciplines
- model as a deliverable
- re-inventing the traditional drawing set
- sensors
- post-occupancy analysis
- virtual reality
- rendering
- 3D printing
- digital fabrication
- geometry preparation
- tool-pathing
- [fill-in-the-blank/custom]

DESCRIPTION: be as detailed or as brief as you want in the body text to help get your idea across
[*hint: click and drag the button on the lower right corner of the Message box to further expand the window for typing and editing your idea]

Like an idea? Have something to say or contribute? Are you interested in teaming up with this person?
Leave a comment on project idea posts to help further develop the ideas and make connections leading up to the hackathon!


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