•   about 2 years ago

"Photoshop" a 360 Photo Sphere

CONCEPT DESCRIPTION [explain idea here]:
Create a tool that will allow you to drop in an existing 360 photo sphere (either rendered or site captured), place objects and people in the scene, apply filters, and render out a new 360 photo sphere.

PROCESS [best guess at approach & steps]:
- using 3ds max create a sphere mapped to view a 360 photosphere from the inside
- using a gaming engine (like Unreal or Unity), create a default scene with lights, camera, and the 360 sphere mesh, with a variable to drop in any photosphere you bring in.
- gather entourage content for dropping into the scene (probably also mapped onto a sphere)
- apply masks to parts of the entourage so they appear to be behind objects in the foreground of the existing photosphere
- create post process effects that will change the visual quality of the scene
- Using Nvidia Ansel, or similar, to render out finalized 360 photo sphere

RESOURCES [tools, skills, or expertise required]:
- UE4/unity experience
- Rendering expertiese
- an interest in fast accessible VR

DELIVERABLES / PROOF OF CONCEPT [what the end product looks like]:
- A series of before and after photo spheres
- Web embedded viewer to see final spheres

GOALS [of both project & hackathon experience]:
- Create a template project for quickly processing existing photospheres
- introduce more AEC hackers to the process of creating in a gaming engine

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