•   about 2 years ago

real estate zoning app for Boston (data analytics & visualization)

In the past few years there have been a flood of companies and apps attempting to consolidate various data sources -- zoning, code, property history, GIS, etc. -- into a cohesive database where any real estate professional, developer, or architect can click on a parcel and get instant metrics and a buildable envelope. For the most part these databases serve other, larger cities but recent improvements in technology and access to the Boston Open Data portal have enabled the possibility for a similar product for the city of Boston.

Assemble available resources, understand data formatting, process & shuttle data, build conceptual interface, test,...

- familiarity with Data analytics & visualization
- web coding/dashboard/user interface expertise
- understanding of data formatting & migration
- Boston Open Data portal: https://data.boston.gov/
- previous research examples...
Envelope: https://envelope.city/
Zoner: http://www.zoner.city/about
Zonar: https://www.zonar.city/
Flux Metro - Austin City Preview (now defunct): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP9pVMufo54

- application to a manageable subset of the City of Boston
- explanation of process and logistics behind the scenes
- demonstration of user experience and how tool would be implemented to less experienced users ("easy button")

- learn about various pertinent feasibility factors
- gain a deeper understanding of how these tasks are executed in existing products
- develop a working concept using coding or other means
- potential for learning Flux.io or similar methods related closely to AEC production
- have each team member walk away from the experience with at least one new skill


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