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Data-Driven Construction Performance (sensors & data analytics)

This one goes out to the construction folks in the crowd...

Assessing risk in the construction industry and exploring the ways through which technological advancements can provide for better informed, safer, and more productive job sites.

Things to Research...
- How is risk currently evaluated and defined in the industry?
- Is insurance is a good place to look? If so, how do insurance underwriters evaluate risk?
- What data sources to insurance companies pull from? Do they have Analysts and Quants on staff?
- What sort of metrics and factors do they look for? Are there specific equations they rely on?
- What are key terms surrounding risk in the construction industry?
- Do such terms lead to other resources?
- Are there related research organizations, government websites, scholarly articles?
- What emerging technologies are providing better real-time data and insight about what workers are doing at all times, how the regularly work, etc?

Defining the Problem...
- How can construction sites be safer?
- What does a safer construction mean for the business side of the industry? Less risk = more profit?
- What are the potential downsides of tech advancements?

Exploring a Solution...
- What is a way to calculate risk?
- What can be created with data sources?
- Who would use this information?
- What format would it be shared/analyzed in?
- What impact would/could such a tool make?

- various public databases about construction: safety reports, injuries/deaths, insurance, project cost metrics, company earnings, etc.
- sensor creation and data capture
- ability to migrate, merge, and match data formatting
- data analytics expertise
- data visualization expertise: web, dj.3s, powerBI, Tableau

Technology companies to look into...
- Pillar Technologies, a construction site sensor company: http://pillar.tech/
- Human Condition Safety: https://redshift.autodesk.com/construction-site-safety/
- A construction site GPS tracking/positioning service: https://www.redpointpositioning.com/
- 3D Robotics site surveying with drones: https://3dr.com/

- explain the state of the construction industry and make a case for improved safety/performance
- explain some of the ways technology can improve real-time tracking, awareness, and prediction
- develop a minimally viable product that demonstrates how data/information might be acquired
- explain the process of managing and interpreting the data
- create a dashboard and user experience for identifying correlations and predictive analysis
- estimate the potential value: less accidents, reduced insurance costs, re-allocation of resources, investment into the tech, etc.

- develop a working concept
- research issues of risk, performance, sensors, data, correlations, return on investment
- propose a viable connection between technology and improved safety/performance in construction
- develop a product/workflow that could reasonably tested in a local construction company
- have each team member walk away from the experience with at least one new skill

IDEA CREDIT: Ned Nardi - Tocci intern / Northeastern student


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