•   about 2 years ago

Accurate Area Breakdown of Exterior Walls by Material

A solution for for calculating the elevational areas for all the different building skin materials in a project. I think this could be important in allowing design teams to keep track of (in real time) the ratio of glass to solid, and to help meet 2030 energy goals.
The challenge is that there are so many different Revit elements that comprise a building skin, and so many different strategies modelers use to set up skin systems.
It is difficult to bring Walls, Windows, Doors, Curtain Panels, etc into one schedule and read just the elevational area and sort them by material and by N,S,E,W exposure.
Brainstorm different techniques to read these different elements to extract their vertical areas and materials.(maybe an intersection with or projection to a plane in Dynamo?)
Figure out how to bring these numbers together in a real-time way. (live schedule in Revit?)
If that is not possible, what is the best format to push the data to?
How might this require a change in how the skin needs to be modeled?
What would be the minimum inconveniences for the greatest gain?
Take a simple example project Revit file, (with a wide range different Revit model elements and materials) and create a total area breakdown by material per elevation.


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