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Combinatorial 2D

To extend the utility of 2D digital documents by utilizing the layer capability of the PDF format to separate out all the categories of data, and therefore enable users to select the combinations of information to display or ‘foreground’ for any given focused need.

The construction document set, are legacy collections of specific information intended to be focused for specific audiences and purposes. The various plan drawing types display subsets of all geometric and annotation information to serve specific needs.

Construction professionals nearly always further highlight and foreground even finer grain information to focus on a precise scopes of concern for each specialist group or phase of effort.
The current 2D document does not take advantage of many available useful capabilities, and really functions as little more than a scanned hardcopy version of the same information.

This modest effort seeks to recover an overlooked valuable capability that opens up the myriad combinations of information display immediately available in the model and distribute that interaction in the ubiquitous simple, light 2D digital file.

Creation of dynamo nodes or other addins to step through all the model and annotation categories (subcategories) to produce pdf output for each category separately.

Ability to specify desired categories rather than being fully comprehensive.

To recombine all the separate output for each category into one consolidated pdf file but as separate layers.
To batch this activity for all levels and other relevant views.
To create layer sets that trigger the display of layers/information to reproduce the typical document types.

C# knowledge to create Dynamo nodes or Revit Addin
PDF api to enable automation of recombined separate files.

currently have a working proof of concept Dynamo node that enables the creation of separate files with individual categories of content.
Seeking to refine, extend and trouble shoot.
get peer feedback on other valuable functionality and desired application to professional uses.

understand the real practical implications and utility of replacing the industry scheme of predetermined sets of associated information that comprises the construction document set; and empower the authoring and down stream users to have a wide ranging ability to configure the information display as it suits various specific needs.
See if there are existing solutions that enable this functionality.
Cloud services do not enable model category selection for anything but 3d model views.


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